About Us

At Free My Name, we are passionate about clearing our clients’ names and reputations.

Everyone makes mistakes and if the government is willing to give us a pardon, shouldn’t the internet do the same?

Many times, people pay substantial amounts of money to have their records “cleared” by having them sealed or expunged only to find out that there are lingering webpages still publishing the information they were hoping to “erase”.

This is where we come in!  Free My Name will fight for you and do a thorough and comprehensive search to see what is out there and then discuss your various options for getting rid of the breadcrumbs the internet has picked up regarding your particular case.

We charge a reasonable amount for the time we will spend working on your case and fighting for you and only receive our bonus payout once we are successful!

Please contact us via e-mail (admin@freemyname.com) as every case is unique and we prefer to work directly with our clients on a case-by-case basis.